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Local NAACP Leader is Solano County Woman of the Year

FAIRFIELD – Nikila Gibson, a Solano County Black business advocate and president of the Tri-City NAACP, has been a champion of social equity and racial justice while promoting holistic child development and environmental sustainability. For her many community contributions, she has been named Solano County Woman of the Year by Sen. Bill Dodd, D-Napa.

“Clearly, Black entrepreneurship is essential to Solano County, and Nikila has been instrumental in making it happen,” Sen. Dodd said. “At the same time, she’s advanced social equity, child-centered programs, and sustainable business practices that will protect our region for generations to come. It’s a remarkable achievement and I am happy to recognize Nikila for her leadership and success.”

“In order to create a more equitable and just world for all, we must recognize that environmental justice, social equity and justice, and child-centered advocacy are all interrelated and must be addressed together in a holistic manner,” Nikila said. “As a passionate advocate for this cause, I have actively engaged in speaking publicly, building coalitions, empowering the community through awareness, and engaging with policymakers to promote meaningful change. I would like to express my gratitude to Sen. Dodd for his recognition of this essential work.”

Nikila, a lifelong Fairfield resident, is a self-described serial entrepreneur. About a decade ago, she launched her first business, a child-development advocacy group promoting “whole-child” learning. In 2017, she opened Lave Wash, a sustainable laundry delivery service featuring toxin-free and non-polluting products. At the same time, she’s served as a Black business advocate and consultant, helping people build and strategize new businesses. After serving as economic development director of the Tri-City NAACP, she was named the organization’s president in January. Nikila speaks frequently on racial and social equity and environmental justice issues, including a need for access to healthy foods and more green spaces for communities of color.

Other volunteer roles have involved organizations throughout Solano County, including the Solano Resource Conservation District, Black Chamber of Commerce and Fairfield-Suisun Chamber of Commerce. She played a key role in community events such as the second annual Vacaville Black history celebration, Suisun City’s first Juneteenth celebration and as an environmental justice panelist at the California/Hawaii NAACP 35th annual state convention.

She is a proud wife and mother of four daughters.

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