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The Tri-City NAACP Branch firmly opposes discrimination. If you are currently dealing with discrimation, we encourage you to review the following instructions on how our branch can provide assistance and report it. 

The Tri-City NAACP is committed to combating discrimination and our Legal Redress Committee is dedicated to addressing your issues. While we do not provide legal representation to persons inquiring about legal matters, we extend our support by reviewing your case and offering assistance and/or referrals to organizations and individuals that may be better equipped to assist you.

Please note that we cannot accept verbal complaints over the phone; all complaints must be submitted in writing using the approved Legal Redress Form available below. Alternatively, you can download the Complaint Request Form here. The form ensures that we have a comprehensive understanding of your situation. Once you’ve completed the form, the Legal Redress Chair will review & will schedule a follow-up consultation to gather additional information. Alternatively, he can be reached at:

This form is a crucial step in initiating the complaint process, and we appreciate your cooperation in providing the necessary details for a thorough review. Your commitment to these instructions aids us in better addressing your concerns and working towards a resolution. Thank you for choosing the Tri-City NAACP Legal Redress Committee as a resource for addressing issues of discrimination. 

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